Short Lease Flats
Short lease flats wanted anywhere in Britain. Do you want to sell a flat with a short lease?

Short Lease Flats Purchased

short-lease-flats Short lease flats wanted across Britain. We can help you if you are looking to sell a flat with a short lease. We will consider flats with leases as short as 5 years? Most of the flats that we buy have leases between 30 years and 50 years but we will consider leases of any length. Any sale can be agreed very quickly as we can make you an offer based on a lease plan of your flat.

We can tell you over the phone how much we will offer you provided you can furnish us with a few details. Ieally we need to see a copy of the lease for your flat but this should not hold us up. We have cash funds available to complete any transaction as quickly as possible.

Short Lease Flats Cash Offers - Quick Sales Guaranteed

flats-with-short-leasesOur offer for your flat will be unconditional and will not be subject to speaking to your freeholder about a lease extension. We will make you an offer with a view to completing the sale quickly

If you have a flat for sale with a short lease why not give us a call.

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