Protected Tenancies
Protected tenancies wanted across London and the Home Counties.

Protected Tenancies

selling-a-protected-tenancy Why do property investors buy protected tenancies as investments? The answer is quite simple. The investor knows that they will probly have to wait for quite a long time before they will get vacant possession so the property must be purchased at a discount. Normally a protected tenant will be paying a very low rent that will increase every 2 years provided the landlord applies for an increase. The valuation process is straight forward and very much depends on the age of the tenant.

The older the tenant the more value will be attached to the investment. For example a house occupied by an 80 year old protected tenant will be worth more than a house with a tenant aged 50. An investor knows that the liklihood of obtaining vacant possession is much higher with an older tenant and will therefore be prepared to pay a higher sum for the property.

protected-tenantsMost protected tenancies will have been living in their homes for many years and the chances of them vacating their homes is highly unlikely even with financial inducements. A landlord must wait for the house to become empty before any real profit can be made. That is why these investments are considered long term with most landlords looking to hold onto these houses for long periods of time.

We would be happy to help you if you are looking to sell your protected tenancy. We offer free valuations and can also help you with any queries that you may have.

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