Freehold Ground Rents

Freehold ground rents purchased. We buy ground rents across London

Freehold Ground Rents

freehold-ground-rentsWe specialise in buying freehold ground rents across England. We are a ground rent buyers that buy freehold ground rents across England. We can also help you with advice and guidance on section 5 notices. Most freeholds that are sold will need to notify the leaseholders first by way of a section 5 notice. Once you receive an acceptable offer on your property your solicitor will need to serve section 5 notices on your lessees. Your lessees then have two months to decide whether they want to exercise their right of first refusal. .

We are able to guide you through this process when we sell your ground rents. We have an extensive list of ground rent investors .We are always looking for ground rents buy no matter how long the leases are . We have a large number of griound rents in our investment portfolio and are always looking to purchase this type of investment. We will consider individual blocks of flats as well as ground rent portfolios. If you are selling a property anywhere in England please give us a call. We will be able to give you a free valuation over the phone

ground-rent-investmentsWe buy ground rents with or without management or insurance and will also consider leasehold houses across Britain. If you would like us to give you a free valuation please send details of your ground rent portfolio over to us.

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