Fair Rents
Fair rents wanted in London. We are always looking for fair rents across London and the south-east.

Fair Rents In London

fair-rentsFair rents are set by your local rent office. If you own a protected tenancy the chances are you will have to deal with your local rent office who will be able to set a fair rent for your trenant. They will decide how much you will be able to charge your protected tenant. In most instance the rent will be increased every 2 years but only if you apply for a rent increase

The reason the rent office exists is to ensure tenants are not being overcharged for their accommodation and to help resolve any problems that may arise from time to time. Generally speaking the rent office is the first port of call if you want to carry out any works to your property. When setting the monthly rent, many factors will be taken into consideration such as the level of rents being paid for similar properties in that area.

fair-rents-in-londonThe amount of rent that your tennt pays will never be at the same level that you would get on the open market which is why a property with a protected tenant does not command the same price as a vacant house.

We have been dealing with the rent service for many years and can buy your protected tenancy even if you are in dispute with your tenants.

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