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Evictions Across UK Approaching Record Levels


Number Of Evictions Increases For Tenants Across Britain

A report issued today shows hat the number of evictions across the UK has risen in the first quarter of 2015 to it's highest levels in six years. The evictions are mainly for Uk private and council tenants who are unable to pay their rent.

Much of this according to experts is down to the increase in rents coupled with the cut in welfare payments and other new policies such as the bedroom tax. According to new data Bailiffs across England and Wales evicted over 11,000 families between January and March 2015. This is an increase of 8% on 2014 and a jump of 51% on 2010.

According to campaigners the figures are very worrying becasue there is another raft of cuts that are in the pipeline. Many of these evictions are by private landlords but there are a high number of evictions from councils and housing associations who are keen to capitalise on the increase in house prices. If evictions carry on at their current pace this year will be the worst since records began in 2000.

There has been an outcry from housing charaties who have highlighted the plight of evicted families. Not only is this an upheaval for the families but many families are being seperated and children are being uprooted and forced to change schools.

The largest of evictions was carried out by social landlords. In some cases tenants have refused to leave and have set up tenant activist groups to have their eviction notices reversed. The activists have been raising awareness of these evictions and trying to force their landlords to reverse their decisions.

In some cases the tenants have been successful as media outlets have reported on their plights and help from local people has put pressure on councillors to stop the evictions.






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