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Help To Buy Scheme Helps 47,000 Buyers


Help To Buy Scheme Assists 47,000 Borrowers Over Last Two Years

The government will claim that the Help To Buy scheme has been a resounding success and many would find it difficult to argue with them. People who would have struggled to get on the housing ladder are sitting in homes today that they have purchased under the scheme. 47,000 people have purchased a home since it's introduction just over 2 years ago.

the majority of buyers that have used the scheme are first time buyer sand the average purchase price has been around £213,000. The controversial scheme has really helped buyers across part of the UK where house prices are below the national average.

The areas that have benefited the most are Leeds, Wiltshire, Bedfordshire, Miltton Keynes and County Durham. The scheme has been responsible for reviving the property market in other areas that had not seen prices increase over the last few years.

Initially there was uproar when the scheme was introduced because of fears that prices would spiral out of control. However much of the hysteria has now disappeared as time has shown that areas outside of London and the south-east have benefited the most.

It s not just the housing market that has improved in these areas, employment has also risen as more jobs are created.






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